What do you get from Your Strategy Story?

..a fully customised document supported with specialist services

Which format will your readers prefer?

  • Choose between PDF/flip book/Live eBook
  • Not sure which? No problem, the same document can be published in different formats, although the functionality can differ. For example, unlike a PDF or flipbook, you can embed videos into a live eBook and play them. Also Live eBooks can be password protected.
  • We can make the necessary adjustments so that you always have the right document for the right occasion.

Specialist services for you

  • Creation of your strategy story
  • Documentation of your strategy story
  • Practice roleplays of your strategy story

Your Strategy Story Creation

  • Research interviews
  • Observations
  • Analysis
  • Discussions
  • Structure
  • Writing draft
  • Creation and selection of images, graphics, illustrations and drawings
  • Approval

Your Strategy Story Documented

  • Practical strategy documents
  • PDF, Flip book or ‘live’ ebook
  • Custom designed
  • Text, images, videos, links
  • Easy sharing by link with secure password (live eBook only).

Your Strategy Story Scripts

  • One-page summary notes
  • Full scripts

Your Strategy Story Presentations

From the simple ‘quick pitches,’ to those highly advanced presentations you might need when presenting to key stakeholders, our services include.

  • Research to understand both your strategy and your audience
  • Development of your strategy message
  • Creation of your strategy story
  • Selection of the best choice of media
  • Slide creation
  • Optimising delivery
  • Maximising impact

Practice Your Strategy Story by Roleplay

  • Roleplay sessions to closely replicate your planned meeting/event
  • Web meeting format
  • Recording and transcription service optional

Your Strategy Story Event Planning

  • Creation of event opportunities for you to communicate your strategy story
  • Integration of our other services (listed above).

Your Strategy Story Use Cases

Use as a private or restricted document, or share in advance of meetings, during meetings, or instead of meetings to:

  • Report on your strategy
  • Explain your strategy
  • Pitch your strategy
  • Create belief in your strategy

Your Strategy Story Packages

  • Story content creation
  • One-off document
  • Monthly updated document
  • Quarterly updated document
  • Half-yearly updated document
  • Annual updated document

Your Strategy Story Pricing

  • Every job is unique and therefore priced differently
  • Please request a quote

Your Strategy Story Support

YourStrategyStory.co.uk is about delivering the final product, the document which you can use as a private reference document, a pre-meeting read, a discussion document within a meeting, or as an item to make a meeting (or meetings) unnecessary.

If you have already developed your strategy and you just want to document it, and you can supply all of the written information and images, then we work from those materials.

In many cases, our clients need help in creating the story and producing and collating all the various elements.

This is where the other elements of our support come into play:

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Collaboration
  • Coaching

About Your Strategy Story

Our mission is simply to enable business people to articulate strategy well by providing you with both the tools and the support to do the job.

You are currently visiting YourStrategyStory.co.uk, the story creation and publishing side of what we do.

You may also be interested in YourStrategyCoach.co.uk where the focus is on thinking strategically, working strategically, and articulating strategy well.

The main piece in the jigsaw is Hargreaves Marketing Ltd which owns both the other websites and focuses on information and knowledge transfer.