What do you get from Your Strategy Story?

The tools and skills to articulate your strategy story well

  1. Creation of your strategy story
  2. Production of eBook and or PowerPoint presentation
  3. Practice roleplays of your strategy story

1. Story Creation

  • Research interviews
  • Observations
  • Analysis
  • Discussions
  • Structure
  • Writing draft
  • Creation and selection of images, graphics, illustrations and drawings
  • Approval

2. Production

  • Choose between PDF/flip book/Live eBook/PowerPoint
  • Not sure which? No problem, the same document can be published in different formats, although the functionality can differ. For example, unlike a PDF or flipbook, you can embed videos into a live eBook and play them. Also Live eBooks can be password protected.
  • We can make the necessary adjustments so that you always have the right document for the right occasion.

3. Leadership Communication Coaching

  • Roleplay sessions to closely replicate your planned meeting/event
  • Web meeting format
  • Recording and transcription service optional