Your strategy story, in a flipbook

I strongly believe that documenting our intentions is a good thing to do.

When we concisely document our goals, plans, processes and strategies, we show our intent. It also enables us to share our thoughts with other people more easily and receive feedback on theirs. is about enabling you to create and share your strategy story with the people who matter internally and externally. They may include fellow partners and directors, employees, investors and other stakeholders who you need to keep in the loop.

An alternative use case is that is produced as a private document for your own records.

Your strategy story may be as simple as a one-page document, or something far more substantial.

The purpose of the document may be to report on your strategy, to explain your strategy to others, to pitch your strategy to others, or to help people to believe in your strategy

The sharing of the document may be as a pre-meeting read, or a discussion document for a meeting, or an alternative to having a meeting at all.

Of course, strategy is about making choices in what are often constantly changing environments, which is why you can update your strategy story as frequently as you wish, for example, monthly, quarterly, every six months, or annually.

Features of YourStrategyCoach Flip Books include:

  • Guidance on specialist strategy content
  • In-depth resources to provide the specialist depth of content you require
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Production
  • PDF/Flipbook or live eBook
  • Sharable by password secure link

Every job is different, so is, therefore, every price.

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