Create Belief In Your Strategy

Use your strategy story to help your audience to think differently.

Win hearts and minds

Reports, explanations and pitches tend to focus more on the facts, hard numbers, processes, and opportunities. Whilst all these elements are very important, there are times when a different approach is required, one that appeals more to our hearts and minds.

Discretionary effort

We often hear stories about people who have, “gone the extra mile,” but very little is usually said about why those people have gone the extra mile? Was it just because they are more naturally hardworking, or was something else, something much bigger driving them?

Lead through inspiration

Good people want to know both how they are making a difference now, and how they can make a difference in the future. Great leaders create both an inspiring vision and a workable plan to achieve it. They bring people with them.

“Articulating your strategy well,” through ‘belief’ means…

Helping our audience to think differently afterwards from what they did before. Moving people from a negative standpoint to a positive one. Migrating people from resistance to advocacy and champions.

Powerful messages enable change

Turn sceptics of your strategy into advocates.

When you need to articulate your strategy well…

Report on your strategy?

Explain your strategy?

Pitch your strategy?

Create belief in your strategy?