An integrated approach to achieving higher performance

An integrated approach to achieving higher performance

Every business wants to build and maintain good performance but where do you start?

Writing things down helps us to think and process our thoughts. It helps us to note down what we would forget. It helps us to see things from the point of view of others. It helps us to prepare for those important conversations, meetings and events where we will need to articulate what we are planning to do, why we have made the choices that we have, and what the outcomes of our actions have been.

Business is fast-moving and so documenting as we go is important. We need to do this for a variety of reasons including self-confidence, self-protection and positioning ourselves and the organisations we represent for future opportunities.

Every week in the business press we see stories of where companies have suddenly faced unexpected situations. Most stories of course never make the news. They are the things happening within our own businesses. They are important to us and those around us who are affected. Those situations are not only challenging to deal with, but they can also put us in the spotlight. We may need to look into the situation and establish the facts in order to produce a report. We may need to explain to others what has happened and what we are going to do. We may need to strike a deal to resolve a situation, or we may need to engage with people, find a route forward, and work together to achieve a shared goal.

Created by Adrian Hargreaves, aims to support leaders to articulate strategy well. I work with you on a one-to-one basis to create and document your strategy stories that you can either retain for your private usage or share with others as required. is itself part of a bigger story as it is the third element in an integrated approach to help leaders to improve performance. The other two elements are explained in more depth on their own websites. focuses on achieving higher performance through business and business unit strategy, whilst focuses on achieving higher performance through marketing. So as you can see there is a natural flow from creating strategy, implementing those strategies through marketing, and documenting the whole journey (through