Everything you need…

…to tell the story of your strategy so that people understand it…

Fully customised documents featuring your strategy story complete with narrative, images, graphics, illustrations, drawings and diagrams as required. Plus story creation, presentation slides, practice roleplay sessions and more.

Use to…

1. Report on the progress of your strategy

2. Explain your strategy

3. Pitch your strategy

4. Create belief in your strategy

Use at…

  • Events
  • Meetings

Use as..

  • a pre-meeting read
  • an alternative to a meeting

Choice of formats…

  • PDF
  • Flipbook
  • Live eBook

Introducing Live eBooks

  • Unlike a PDF or Flipbook, videos can be embedded and play from a live eBook.
  • Live eBooks can also be password protected

Your Strategy Story is for leaders who want to articulate strategy well

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